The beauty of Natural Stone

Natural materials give a great look and overall feel to a home, and since the kitchen is the heart of it, it should have prominent natural elements. Natural stone is inherently durable and luxurious, and is perfect for countertops. Whether your taste  is rustic, ultra-modern, or somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, natural stone will make your good taste stand out. The stone has already survived for up to several million years, so it's definitely durable! With care from you, it will also stay beautiful. Here are some of the more popular types of stone used for countertops:


  • Granite is a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. It comes in many colors and patterns, its course-grained texture incorporates many minerals which come together to give a luxurious look. It's also resilient and durable, and resists damage from heat, and stains. It also resists scratching. And, its natural colors go well with pretty much any color scheme.


  • The natural patterns which make marble "marble" are very tasteful and elegant. It is more hygienic than other stones due to its relative non-porosity. But, it is sensitive to impact and chemicals, so you need to be more careful with it to keep it looking nice.


  • This oddly-slick rock is easy to work with, and since the dawn of humans, has been popular in every area it naturally exists in. It's stain-proof and can be cleaned with common cleaning products. Mineral oil makes it deepen in color and become darker and richer. Soapstone seems to be one of the most fuss-proof kinds of natural stone for a countertop.


  • Limestone counters can make a beautiful addition to your home. They provide lovely solutions in both your kitchen and your bath. The natural beauty of limestone and its ability to bring a taste of the outdoors inside the home is one of the primary reasons that this has become such a popular choice in recent years. If you are looking for a great way to add a little something extra to your kitchen or bathroom you should make a point of considering limestone counters in one or both of these rooms.


  • Onyx is becoming a hot selection for kitchen countertops nowadays. It is a natural stone that is considered to be semi precious. Onyx is available in a color range from white to deep green and has a translucent appearance. It is being used widely in kitchen backsplashes as well as in free standing structures such as sinks, wash basins and tiles.


  • Travertine kitchen countertops offer a wide variety of colors ranging from coral reds to shades of tan and many others. Travertine is a type of stone belonging to the same family as marble and limestone so it is not the hardest type of stone on the market. It does have the same beauty and versatility as marble but with more of a natural look.