Granite Countertops are Time Tested

Granite is a time-tested material, having been around for approximately 300 million years. Few surfaces will match granite for its hardness and durability, it is also resistant to burns, scorching, and stains.

Granite comes with numerous variations in color, pattern, and tone—qualities referred to as the stone’s “movement.” Varieties that have a fairly uniform specked pattern are considered “consistent,” while “variegated” types have more disparate veins and swirls that give each slab a unique appearance. It is important to note that no two samples of granite will have the exact same appearance. To get the best idea of what your countertop will look like, it is helpful to see the slab from which your countertop will be cut, not just a showroom sample.

Most granite countertops come with a high-gloss polish, but other finishes are available, offering a range of sheens and textures.