Soapstone Countertops Offer a Old Fashion Appeal

Soapstone is soft and warm to the touch. It's smooth, slippery, and silky. This stone is a traditional and old fashioned natural stone. The look is warm and inviting. Charming, rustic, and rich looking yet versatile enough to fit comfortably within a modern home. Soapstone has been used for centuries in homes. This is a simple and subtle stone which conveys grounding and harmony. It emits old world charm. The colors of soapstone are rich and beautiful. They convey calmness. From ash gray to smoky blue-grays to a rich charcoal black. Some stones have flecks of green and blue and contrasting veins twisting throughout the stone.

Soapstone is unaffected by acids contained in items such as wine, lemons, vinegar, etc. Special cleaners aren't required either. Any household cleaner will do.This is a very dense stone. Soapstone weighs an average of 20 lbs. per square foot! It is a nonporous stone and will not absorb liquids and stains like other natural stones will. It is also heat resistant. Setting a hot pot on your soapstone counter top won't scorch it or burn it. In fact, some cookware is made of soapstone.

Mineral oil is used to enhance and deepen the color. The stone color becomes more dramatic. Mineral oil also helps darken the stone evenly and bring out its natural beauty. You don't have to use mineral oil. Soapstone will eventually take on its own patina with time and use. It will darken with age. Usually it takes about a year to realize the full depth of color of your soapstone.