Travertine Countertops Offer that Unique Look and Feel

Travertine kitchen countertops offer a wide variety of colors ranging from coral reds to shades of tan and many others. Travertine is a type of stone belonging to the same family as marble and limestone so it is not the hardest type of stone on the market. It does have the same beauty and versatility as marble but with more of a natural look.

Travertine is formed when spring water comes up through layers of limestone and then evaporates. During the formation of travertine it is essentially limestone mixed with other minerals and the result is travertine stone. During the formation of travertine gas bubbles are trapped and when the gas escapes it forms crystals which also gives it its natural porosity and texture.

Travertine has a very uneven texture the gives it a natural rugged look. If you are looking for a more polished surface you would need to order the travertine filled and polished which will give it a high gloss shine type of finish. Another finish is called tumbled which will give the surface a more weathered aged look then the polished or matte finish.