Solid Surface

Solid surface is a 100 percent man-made product, which means great diversity when it comes to color and texture variations. It is made of resin, an acrylic or modified polyester; alumina trihydrate, a filler which allows for a Class 1 Fire Rating; color pigments; and added particles that give a mottled, veined, or textured look to the surface. Solid surface is machinable and can be cut into about any shape imaginable. It also can be heated and molded. Solid surface is the only material that features molded sinks seamed directly to the countertop with no gaps or caulks. Built-in coved backsplashes can be fused to the countertop to create a water-tight transition.

Various additives allow for the creation of hundreds of looks, from speckles of granite particles to the swirls of a marble vein. One product even includes metals that present a copper-like patina. Surfaces are available in finishes from dull matte to high gloss.

Solid-Surface Benefits

Solid-surface kitchen countertops offer homeowners the benefits of a warm-to-the-touch surface with low maintenance requirements, says Lee, a former solid surface fabricator himself. Normal wear and tear requires only soap and water cleanup.

Solid-surface products offer these benefits:

  • Stain and chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Easy cleanup
  • Durability—The product is "homogenous" meaning the color and pattern are consistent throughout. There are no veneers to chip, crack, peel, or wear out.
  • Long warranty. Solid-surface products generally come with a 10-year warranty or longer.